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Jimmy Kimmel: Women Would Only Be Interested in a Thor Chick Flick

I get what Jimmy was going for here, and I'm trying not to immediately write it off as sexist, because that's part of the joke. So what I'm more amused by is the fact that he's not aware that there are a shit-ton of ladies who are indeed attending Thor: The Dark World to gawk at a hot dude, but it's not the ripped demi-God.


Or the fact that most women don't really identify with the sadly bland Jane Foster. Or that they'd rather have more Sif screentime because she isn't romantically linked to anyone. Or the fact that this particular woman is only going to see this for the villain, Malekith (aka. the wonderful Chris Eccleston). Or, you know, that not all women love chick flicks (even if Love, Actually is charming and should be a Christmas tradition on par with It's a Wonderful Life).

Also, I lied — I am annoyed. Fuck off — we don't need romance to appreciate comic book films.

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