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hurricane style in to the North East. Already crashing in to the Caribbean.

Maybe it will, maybe not, but I’ve got no patience for splitting hairs to see if this storm will materialize. I lost my lifes’ artwork once 3 years ago, despite 2 days work putting it all up 5 feet above the flood plane. But, LUCKY I didn’t lose my house. Lucky I was.

I rented a truck to transfer all of my shit to; picking it up on Friday afternoon. Me & Mr. 4th of July were supposed to take our first weekend trip away together starting Saturday morning, ending Monday. We were going to go to the Berkshires. We still are going to go, I hope, just later in the month.


I called him to say the plan might have to be scrapped; postponed if the place will let us. He’s being a fantastic human Man. Understood & offered to help me load the truck while also offering his own pick~up truck. I do need the muscles. And I certainly needed the kindness.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a SOLID pass on this Hurricane Joaquin, GT.

ETA: Before & after Hurricane Sandy.

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