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I complain about my job a lot. I know. I'm sorry. But I have a case of the Mondays. I'm PMSing, there was no hot water this morning in my apartment, and the ceiling in my bathroom has been leaking for months and has yet to be fixed (and I've spoken to the super and the management company and they keep promising to fix it and they don't! So I sent one last email this morning and if I don't get a response I'm calling 311).

So what I'm saying is, is that I'm already in a bad mood.

I think we all know I hate my job. Which explains why I was disappointed when they were laying people off last week and I wasn't one of them. They did however layoff (well, got rid of redundant positions) this one guy I don't like. He is like my aging hipster nightmare (AHN). He uses a tiny cappuccino cup to drink nespresso (barf) from. At one point he got a Hitler Youth haircut. He grew mustache for Movember. These are the least of his offenses. I mainly don't like him because he is the type of person to forward you an email without reading it and replying all saying "So-and-so handles this" when actually he is the person that handles it. It's only gotten worse now that they laid him off (he gets to stick around until the end of November). He keeps bring me shit and being like, "I usually do this but since I won't be here anymore, I'll just give it you." He even told the mail guy (in front of me!) that if anything was addressed to him that he should just give it to me. UM HELLO, YOU'RE STILL IN THE OFFICE? WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT?


I understand that I will have to take on more work (I actually welcome it! I'm bored most of the time!), but I really feel like I'm being taken advantage of work-wise. I constantly get handed other people's work that they can't do because they are incompetent (yet somehow still employed, with the exception of AHN) or never get it done on time or make mistakes while doing it. Like, I got handed a weekly report to do because the first person always forgot to do it, I got handed another recurring project to do, because the first person always makes mistakes doing it, I'm in line to get another recurring project because of the same reasons, and now this asshole is just handing me work even though he's not my boss). I asked my boss about it, but doesn't really seem like he wants to deal with it.

I realize I'm stuck doing this shit because he's leaving at the end of the month—I guess I'm just asking for commiseration at this point. Or tips on how to use this bullshit to get a raise that's more than 3%.

I've already sent my resume to three jobs today.

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