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I feel like I run to you guys any time I have a slightly difficult work related issue, but please take it as a compliment as it’s only because your advice is so good...

So, after giving up the search and focusing on developing in my current role, a company I was desperate to work for responded to my speculative email. THANKS FOR THE WAIT GUYZ. But, it’s actually pretty good, because they seem really eager to hire me in the future, but can’t just yet. This works out pretty well, because I just signed up to do some distance learning for a professional qualification, although this will take a year, so idk if that wait might be too long for them. Also, I was planning to move to London with BoyFloreat in about a year as well, but they do have offices in London, so that may not be a problem either.


But in the response they’ve asked for my “expected terms and conditions of employment”. In an ideal stupid world, I’d respond with “lol just a job with a living wage thnx”, but obviously I’m more professional than that. But realistically, I don’t know how to say what I want without a) sounding entitled or b) selling myself short.

What I want is full time employment, with a minimum salary of the regional average for a graduate (so, £21,000 where I am now, £26-30,000 in London) and the potential to progress my career. I mean, it sounds like I’m just being a kiss-arse, but I’m actually genuinely excited about the product they sell and the sort of clients they’d attract. I would do part-time work experience for them for free now if my company allowed it (which they won’t). I mean, honestly by the time I have the qualification I will be being under paid if I’m just getting the average, but I don’t mind if it means I can get into this industry. But then, asking them to wait a year and then asking for a specific salary sounds a bit entitled and like I’ve secured the job already. As nice as the email was (and god it was SO NICE), I shouldn’t take it as a genuine offer of employment. The director has added me on LinkedIn though.


So, advice? This is the first time a speculative CV has worked for me.

ETA: This is the response I’m thinking of sending? Appropriate? Also included initial email for reference below.


Hello [Name],

Thank you so much for your kind response. I’m more than happy to wait for any potential opportunities with [Company], and look forward to seeing the organisation grow and expand. Since my initial email, I have also begun studying for a [Qualification], so in terms of looking to the future I hope to be qualified in [Specific course qualification] within the next year. I will also have greater freedom to relocate by then, should you ever require staff in your London office.


In terms of my expected terms and conditions for employment, ideally I am looking for full time work with a salary expectation of the graduate average (£25-30,000), but I would be willing to negotiate based on geographical location. I’m really looking for employment which will allow me to develop a long term career, with the potential for advancement within the company, so I would be seeking a long-term contract.

It may sound trite, but I am genuinely excited by [Company] products and the client base. I have not been actively looking for a new job [LIE HAHAHAH], I was just interested by your recent expansion. I would love to be involved with the company in the future, and I am so pleased that my CV was well received. Even if ultimately employment is not possible, I’d like to thank you for your response, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on any future vacancies that you have.


Kind regards,


Initial email:

Hi [floreat]

Many thanks for your email and CV, it was well received.

We do have in-house marketing and PR people, but they are based in [foreign country]. Should we have the need for someone in the UK however, your background, enthusiasm and experience is exactly the sort of person we would be interested in.


For our information and with one eye on the future, can you let us know your expected terms and conditions of employment?

Best Regards,

[company director]

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