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Job advice: Excellent Internal Opportunity?

Hey all! I have a question? Would be super grateful for any advice.

I work for a large university in a research center. One of our partners posted a job which I found out about via a coworker who used to work there and no works for us. I am very, very qualified with a very strange combination of skills since I’ve worked in applied research in and out of my discipline. I was told the application was going to close so I applied. Thing is, when the hell do I tell my boss I applied? And how?

I *love* my current job. I am doing a fantastic job at my current job. But I was told I would be advancing in the next year when I took this job by the director who hired me. However, that director is gone. New director and I get along really well. She has told me she will be considering promotions and raises this year (that’s great news) but she hates my boss who is her deputy. She goes around my boss all the time. She puts me in charge of other staff and their work even if they don’t report to me. It causes issues and resentment because she rubbed people the wrong way when our previous very well-liked director was fired and she was promoted up over my boss in a weird leapfrog thing. Again, I like the director. She has earned my trust. But the situation with my boss (whom I LOVE) is hard. I know my boss will jump ship as soon as something opens after what happened at a meeting last week. The director is setting her up to fail. It’s just a matter of when not if.

When the leadership changed, I expressed interest to my manager about applying to other positions out of concern for job security and she was 100% supportive of it. I was thankful. I applied selectively to a couple of internal jobs and didn’t get traction (I wasn’t over the moon about them, honestly). But there was this position. It is with a partner that we work with. The position would be a promotion. I know I should tell my boss. I worry she will find out about it - even though I ask that it be kept confidential.

The official policy is that these applications are encouraged and we should get PTO for any interviews. There is no requirement to notify a supervisor until there is an interview and only if scheduling requires it.


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