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Job Application Help!

So a job opportunity to be a "Web Writer" for my all-time favorite bath/beauty company has just come up, and I really really really want it. Last summer I was short-listed for a job as a Junior Copywriter, but I obviously don't want to re-use that application as I'm worried that the same people will be reading it.

Here's what I want to do, and please let me know if this sounds like a dumb idea:

Send a very "clean" copy of my resume, similar to this one. Then I want to write a blog post on my cosmetics blog with, essentially, my "story." How I got my first job in their retail store, and how the company's culture and atmosphere helped me get over my shyness and inhibitions.


Then submit an actual one-page, very bare-bones cover letter that gets to the meat of my credentials.

I would submit the resume and cover letter, with a link to the blog post and then tweet, tumble and Facebook the blog post as a kind of side-social media push to get my application recognized.


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