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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Job application questions

Hey all. I'm looking for a simple, part time seasonal retail job. I'm applying online at a few different retail stores, and I have some questions.

My background for the past 5 years has mainly been in medical offices/small healthcare practice management, with some retail also sprinkled in. I've moved around, a lot. I've job hopped as I've moved from city to city, while I was in search of a good place to stay long term, and I haven't really stayed anywhere longer than 1.5 years. I know this looks bad on applications. What can I do about this? Do I just leave some jobs off of my applications? Do I, well...sort of...stretch the truth as far as how long I've stayed at places? That feels icky to me. But if I leave some jobs off of the apps I send in, that will inevitably show gaps in my employment history...also looks bad. The truth is I don't know exactly how applicable some of my "skills" as they are would be for a holiday job. I doubt I'll have to reconcile bills or submit insurance claims to check people out at Michaels or Ulta



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