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Job Application Stress/Freak Outs

Guys, I applied for a job as an editorial assistant for an online women's magazine. Although I'm not in love with the content yet, they are undergoing some changes and I would love the chance to contribute and add my voice to its publication. I want the job!

It's an online job, and I got an email with some interview questions a few days ago. Submitted my answers, and Wednesday night around 10-11pm I received the Test Tasks email. There are quite a few things I need to do, and I have done none of them before:

  • create a dashboard in Google Spreadsheet, Excel, OpenOffice: I've never made a dashboard before, but I'm intermediately familiar with spreadsheets.
  • submit two writing samples: I've never written an article before (well, not since pre-university), so I'm thinking of submitting the introduction I wrote to an anthology for a class I took a while ago, and my screenplay (or a part thereof).
  • a story pitch, press release, or social media post about a trending topic in each of four areas: fashion/beauty/entertainment, career/entrepreneurship/etc., dating/parenting/eldercare/sex, etc., and fitness/health/wellness. I've picked out my topics for these areas (fur: to wear or not to wear; profile of Julie Larson-Green, new head of X-box; the cost of eldercare, now and in the future, especially for women; and heavy lifting for women. The thing is, I've never written a story pitch or press release before and I'm not exactly sure what they mean by social media post.

So, I know that punctuality is part of the test (they said to complete it asap) but I'm stressing because I haven't finished these things yet, and I've never done any of them before!

So, I was wondering if anyone has any advice/links to awesome tutorials about how to write pitches/press releases/use social media, and how to make an awesome dashboard. I'm also wondering if anyone has any suggestions or comments about my writing samples.


In return, and because I think you guys are the awesomest anyway, I give this gif of a woman being shat upon by a horse.


ETA: I am now going to hang out with the goats for a little while, but I'll be back soon.

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