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Job Bullshit

So here’s my job situation. I am currently coming to the end of a fixed term contract covering for a colleague who is on secondment. She is a terrible employee, everyone in our team dislikes working with her from managers to the PAs we liaise with in other departments.

Her being a terrible employee is important because she has not had her contract in the other department renewed, everyone in her team has been extended by a year except her, she has managed to piss off all the management above her and every member of her team. They offered her an extra month, at about £600 per month more than this role and turned it down. I should clarify that if she takes the extra month she’ll still have this role available to come back to after.

I’m pissed, that extra month would have been really really fucking helpful to me, because there is a chance she would have time to find a new job as she hates this one and I could stay on with continuous service in my role.


Do I have a right to be pissed at her for being so prideful she won’t hack a single extra month before coming back to a job she has been vocal about hating? A job I really don’t hate at all? I am pissed because she hasn’t considered the knock on effect at all. She’s good, she has a job to come back to, me I’ll be unemployed again.

I guess I also don’t get it because I think I would hack most shitty jobs for a month for £600 extra. Especially if the involved going to a lower paid job that is also shitty.

edit: I un-OTed this, this is just a shitty complaint that will go poof eventually.

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