When you're hiring a new job candidate, do you check their social media before the interview? And if you do, do you question the red flag items?

My company is hiring in my department and my company's president has sent me the resume of a girl that "fits his profile" which is funny considering she has no experience whatsoever (her letter talked about how she was a quick learner and is comfortable with all types of writing tasks - so she was very eager and earnest which I think must have been what his profile was).

Anyways - She listed the web address for a personal blog that she writes, so I checked it out. Last month she wrote a "2014 Resolutions" post and one item was "Move away from [our city]." Now, it's happened in the past that our company has spent a lot of money training individuals in this position only to have them leave right after and go work for competitors elsewhere. Our company needs to protect itself from being someone's stepping stone. So if she truly wants to move away in the next year, she's not a good prospect for us. Do I question her about it in the interview? and how?

Also, while she isn't all that young (23) she does seem to write an awful lot about how her sorority was the best thing that ever happened to her, how she loves One Direction and Disney TV shows, how she doesn't know how to manage her personal finances, and how her boyfriend is her prince in shining armor and they have never had a fight. Is there a way to gauge her maturity in an interview question?

I'm sure she's a lovely person and she could be great in this job, but she could also be a big waste of our resources.