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Welcome To The Bitchery

Once again I call upon you wise folk for guidance!

Remember how I felt that I wasn’t being taken seriously at work? Hah. Hahah. I’m so bad at judging my own worth, it’s positively laughable.


Last week I had my contract negotiations. My boss was impressed by the growth I’d shown in the last 6 months and by how many roles I was able to juggle, professionally at that. Which I wholeheartedly agree with after much personal deliberation. I was even offered a 10+% raise! This is an excellent raise offered. Quite excellent. But it doesn’t amount to much in practice (since I was underpaid before).

Although it isn’t a bad raise to be sure, it just means that I go from ‘keep track of my money and can save a touch if I don’t get unexpected bills that month’ to ‘I can save a bit and maybe buy an item of clothing that doesn’t have holes in them!’ (I glued my shoes together you guys, just so I could keep wearing them and not spend money on new ones. I swear I look fab but I actually did that in the real world.)


Now I’m not poor by any standard, I can afford to go out to dinner or out an evening twice or three times a month. But I don’t have a buffer in place to save. And this makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Today a recruiter contacted me and offered me a project that would mean a significant raise in salary for me. For context, maybe next year boobieguy and I would like to move in with each other. That would mean a deposit. At my expected salary it will take me about 4 years to save up for the deposit. At the other job about 10 months.


I need your guidance!

Reasons to do it

  • Saving money : for a ‘just in case’ fund. For my pension (most companies offer pensions, ours doesn’t, they are skimpy). For a possible future move. For a holiday.
  • Having extra financial breathing room : no more hole-y clothes yay! No longer scared of a ‘what will I do when....’ scenario (roommates mole ends up being cancer and he has to quit working and and and panic!)
  • It could be a very smart career move because it would put me at a higher salary and I’d be the single designer on the project.
  • I don’t have a lot of faith in my current company anymore and I’m worried that they will go belly up some time in the near future if the owners don’t get their act together. They’ve been having some financial difficulties which leads me to believe they couldn’t offer me more money even if they wanted to.
  • The challenge! Change can be a great forcer of growth.
  • It’s temporary: If I hate the project, in 6 months I’ll have some money in my savings and I’ll be looking for a different project or job. One that can fulfill me creatively. But from a stronger position.
  • I’ll be working less hours, meaning I could draw/design in my spare time more too.
  • Part of me doesn’t feel like I’ll be working at current job for more than another 6 months. Although they’ve hinted that I’ll be up for another raise in 6 months (of a few %) IF I manage to achieve all my goals, I feel like I might’ve burned up by then.

Reasons not to do it

  • The project is not inherently interesting to me, although it will provide a challenge and I have worked on uninteresting projects before without dying so..
  • I’d be selling my soul to the devil
  • Current job is slow at the moment which is giving me time to write and read articles. I want to start taking a more active role within my field and they are willing to support that (when there’s time). This could possible give me a good support system for this part of my career if the social media accounts/website ever gets their shit together, although I could do it on my own but without the support of our creative director. Who also wants me to write a small ‘learnings’ publication that will be sent to our clients and favourite prospective clients.
  • Current job has vision. Or well, some projects do. Those are my favourite projects to work on. They make me feel good about giving to the world whatever my skillset can offer. These are only the projects that creative director pulls in though..
  • I’d be missing my friends! :(
  • No more afternoon walks with boobieguy ‘cause he’d be working halfway across town! (this isn’t really a bigga deal tbh.. but I’d like it in there regardless because it’s nice to do once a week)
  • After 6 months I’ll be looking for a job again
  • I’ve always announced loudly that one shouldn’t switch jobs for money alone #hypocrite?

What would you do?

Off course I still need to get in with the client but it seems like this could become a genuine possibility and I’m wondering aloud what you would do.

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