On two fronts:

1. A principal would like me to explain why I've had so many long term sub positions.

Real answer: When I was looking for a job, I took the first available. Those were always LTSes and since they paid well, I didn't mind. They keep me for a few years, but then that person comes back and I'm gone.

How do I make that sound "right"?

2. Current boss at place I'd love to stay and has an opening today: "Hey, how's the job search going?" We discuss for a bit. Then, " I wish we could keep you." WTF? Now I'm freaking out. Is there no hope for me? They're starting interviews next week I think. Can I ask her about it?


It's really upsetting—I know the kids love me and the VP was like "Hey, been meaning to talk to you—people are saying really great things about you—kids, parents, colleagues. You're doing a great job!"

So I was like YAAAAAAY! But now I'm like: "Oh shoot, the decision has been made and it's not me."


Thoughts? What can I do? Is it okay if I ask my boss tomorrow if I'll be getting an interview?