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Job Hunt Question #1 (of an anticipated 5,521,788)

I want to apply to a company that a couple (eta: a couple - don’t know why I said “many” originally. It’s like 2.5 ppl) of the people I currently work with left. I know all their grievances, it’s fine, whatever. My question is, on the off-chance someone is still buddies with one of them, you think they’d tell my employer? The scenario I’m envisioning:

New Company Person and Old Company Person are texting about someone’s new baby or some shit. Then the conversation turns to: “Ah, so I saw we got a resume from one of yours the other day!” (me)

I, unknowingly, show up to work like everything’s cool, everyone knows I’m job hunting, and I am penalized.


Other information:

  • I don’t WANT this job for any reason other than the fact that it’s almost the same as my current job except a 10 minute drive instead of an hour.
  • One of the potential friends/people who used to work for this company are nice but have no reason to be specifically loyal to me. I think the other one would root me on though.
  • New company is somewhat large so I don’t know the likelihood of the conversation ever happening. But I’m paranoid.

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