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Job-hunt woes

Okay, I'd written this long-ass thing giving more background, but it doesn't matter. Due to continually being lied to by town administrators, I'm looking for a new job in public library management.

In the past month I have been 1) on the receiving end of unwelcome and jerky "unsolicited advice" from the demoted administrator of a library I'd applied to; 2) the subject of wildly untrue rumors spread by an unknown (to me) former coworker or colleague; and 3) sexually harassed by somebody who was interviewing me.


The first situation bothered me because this person wasn't able to do the job well enough to keep it, but felt comfortable offering me advice about what she considered wrong with my interview. She's still on the staff at the library, because they're crazy, and once I saw how she behaved, I decided that I couldn't work for an organization where somebody like her is allowed to run amok.

The second made me really anxious because somebody is lying to hiring decision makers about my professional behavior, which obviously has a negative impact on my ability to get a job. I interviewed at one library where I know for sure the rumors were passed along to the retiring director and possibly some members of the board of trustees, and the whole experience felt tainted. One trustee asked me oddly pointed questions and cut me off, and I couldn't tell if it was because she'd heard and believed the rumors or she was just a terrible person.


The third situation, which happened today, was the worst, because this guy was the grossest. And also the top town administrator. People, he described me as being erotic. Erotic! How does that word even get uttered in a business setting, much less as a descriptor of the interviewee? I was really uncomfortable with the whole thing. I was told that the job is mine, but I can't work anywhere near somebody like that.

Gaaah. Job-hunting is the worst.

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