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Job Hunting Anxiety Attack

For the past 2 and 1/2 years I’ve been employed part time/sporadically/as a freelancer. Yes, part of it is the fact that I have 2 fairly useless degrees and the job market sucks blah blah blah. But another part of it is that I tend to get so frustrated by not hearing back from places I send my resume to, that I haven’t tried as hard as I should. I feel like it’s futile, and I get so depressed that my entire job/educational history starts to look like crap and I convince myself there’s no way anybody would want to hire me.

Today I found out there’s a job at my alma mater for a Development Assistant. I’m pretty sure I would rock at it, because as a grad student I worked part time in Development and was very good at it. And I didn’t even care that much for the school where I did my graduate work, as opposed to my undergrad which I love deeply. But I’m stressing out hard about the job application. I’ve applied to jobs there before and have never heard back from them. I also think I pissed off HR when I emailed them asking about applying for the temp pool and if they ever do temp to full time hire, and was met with a rude brush off. I really want to at least get an interview, but whenever I sit down to start to application I start having a small anxiety attack. How do I tackle this so I have the best chance possible of them actually bothering with my resume?


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