WHY? Why is it so hard?

I *know* I am a good quality graduate. Maybe that's arrogant, but it's true. But unless I'm prepared to move away from my boyfriend, it just seems like there are no job available in my area - any that seem applicable to me are just scammy ones, or OTE, which I've been advised to strictly avoid. I mean, thank god or my middle class white hetero cis girl bubble of privilege, because I would be seriously fucked if I was a POC or LGBTQ.

My boyfriend is blaming himself because the reason I have to stick to this area is because he's got two years left to graduate, but all I see on the news is about how much better it is for graduates now, and I'm like, 'Yeah, in LONDON.'

Fuck the neglect of the north of England. And fuck the Tories.

So basically, the point of this post is...

Who has ideas for me starting my own business? :p