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Job hunting Q's

School should be wrapping up soon, so I’m on the job hunt. My problems are that what I want a job in is highly specific and I’m looking in a pretty specific geographic range. Also, I don’t have much experience except for internships here and there.

There’s a couple of places I’d like to work at, but they don’t list any open jobs on their websites. They are mostly small organizations and offices. So is it cool to just cold call/email someone and ask if they might have a job open? And how does one go about doing that? And when should one do that? I’d be looking to start mid-August to September and I don’t know if contacting them a few months out like this is too soon.


Last question: should I talk myself out of a fantastic but highly competitive unpaid internship in NYC? They give a max $2000 financial need stipend for one semester, $1000 if you decide to not live in the city (and seriously, who could afford to live in the city on that anyway?) So I’d be commuting 2 hours each way from my parent’s house in NJ. I’d also need to buy a whole new business wardrobe as I only have enough right now for the occasional conference.

Also, LinkedIn and Monster have hilariously annoying results. Like yes, I want to work with fishing and seafood. No, I don’t want to be a line cook or a grocery store fish counter clerk.

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