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Yesterday, I applied to a cool sounding job posted on Craigslist. An hour after I applied, I got a response asking for a phone interview today! I was so excited.

This morning, I wrote to confirm the phone interview and they asked me if I wanted to come in for an in person interview instead! AHHH! Even more excited.

So I went in. I feel like I had a great interview, they asked a couple of left field questions that I feel like I handled with aplomb. I had a great handshake, I explained my qualifications and asked my own good questions back. They told me they would get in touch next week if I they wanted me to come back in for a second interview.


I walked back out to my car, got in and felt completely deflated.

Job hunting is such a crap shoot and I've been trying so hard for so long. And I want this. I want this job. I would be so good at it. And now I have to wait some more.

It's just so frustrating! All the waiting and feeling powerless.

Tomorrow I fly back to CA and I am going to start my new blog and enjoy being home for a few days. We'll see what happens. I'm happy I just got to interview.

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