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Job interview brainstorm

Hey, y’all, I gots a job interview this week! Want to help me massage a few of my talking points? Please and thank you.

The background is that I actually love my current job in a LOT of ways, respect almost everyone I work with, and am doing mostly great there, but a few key aspects of the workplace as it is and has been for the past few years are really killing me (workload, work pace, lack of support, slow speed of taking action on acknowledged workplace problems) and are not likely to change any time soon. I am up for partnership if I want to be in less than a year but it’s a once-you-get-in-you-can’t-get-out-easy sort of thing, I’m sick of being the squeaky wheel to get action on the workplace problems, and I’m effing exhausted all the time and have no life with this job, so I am exploring other options.

I have an interview with a gov’t entity that works in my field in a more neutral capacity, and given all of the above, I am wondering how to smoothly answer some key interview questions that I expect are coming without turning the interviewers off by sounding negative/trash talking my current employer. Primarily, I’m worried about “Why are you leaving your current job?” / “Why do you want this job?”.


I am also wondering what questions you would ask if you were in this position. So far I’ve got, “What do you think are the best aspects of working here?” and to ask about seniority issues (long story, but circumstances dependent, there’s a possibility that the work in the field could slow down so I am curious about job security).

Finally, how transparent would you be about the fact that you’re not 100% on the job and are taking the interview to learn/be sold on it? How to do that?

Any advice you have on messaging would be amazing. Thank you.

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