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Seeking advice:

The good news is that I have a job interview! I’m actually totally floored that I landed this interview, because I’m fairly certain I’m really underqualified for it. That said, it would be a dream job, If I could get over what would be a massive intimidation issue. But I’m really trying not to expect much and just feeling good I landed an interview.

Here is the issue. It is for next Wednesday in DC, while I am in the NYC area. Normally, I would go down, no problem. However, first of all, I have a doctors appointment that day which I would very much like to keep, since I waited 2 months for it. Secondly, I am currently in the first week of this very intense month long detoxification diet. (Yeah, I feel more than a little bit like a chump for doing this, but I’m at a place with my health where I’m willing to try anything and I reviewed it with a doctor who didn’t think it would hurt me.) Apparently it’s normal for this diet to give you a hell of a lot of symptoms over the first two weeks? Yesterday I went down to Philly to do some canvassing for Hillary and felt unbelievably miserable for most of the day. (Stomach issues, headache, kind of a flu like clammyness.) So, that has made me feel extra leery of traveling right now.


I asked to do a skype interview for both of these reasons and they agreed to it. I also was thinking, if I feel terrible that day, I might actually be able to fake feeling good better on Skype than in person.

But several people are now telling me that I really screwed my chances on this job interview, and I should really suck it up, email them to say my obligation for the day got canceled, and make it down there? Thoughts? Half of me feels like I might feel differently if I thought I seriously had a shot at this job, but maybe I’m being unfair?

Also, somebody else suggested that I email them to request a different day, so I can keep the doctors appt. But I feel like now that I said I can do Wednesday, it needs to be Wednesday, either in person or on Skype

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