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Job Interview Questions

I have a phone interview for a job this afternoon (yay?). The job sounds pretty interesting, it'd be working for a tech company in the realm of being creative and what-not. I think I do well with phone interviews (maybe because they can't smell my desperation to get out of my current job?) but I usually feel thrown by some interview questions regardless of it being over the phone or in person. The main one being along the lines of "why are you looking to leave your current position?" I don't think "Because I fucking hate my job and it makes me want to hurl myself in front of a train daily," is the answer they are looking for, even though it's honest.


Any suggestions? Also feel free to put down interview questions that you hate or are good at answering! And why can't we just say in the interview, "I come to work and get shit done"? Because that's usually what they want from an employee anyways.

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