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Job Interview/References Stress

So I recently decided to apply for a new job. It is with the company my brother and sister-in-law work for and absolutely love and it would be a signification pay raise which would really help. I am still not sure about moving towns, but figured I should at least try for it and we can make the decision later.

Well the company has a program you fill out your references in online. They ask for at least 2 of your most recent managers/supervisors. Well I have two supervisors at this job, but one is my mother-in-law so I can’t put her. This means I should put my last manager, but I don’t trust him.

The last company I worked at was an amazing learning experience and helps fill some major bullet points on my resume. However, I was very deliberately pushed out of the company once I got pregnant. I was sent home whenever I threw up (which was almost every morning with my morning sickness). I was criticized constantly for not being able to complete certain task without help. And one of the owners kept “unintentionally” spraying cleaning I was allergic to right before I walked in to the break room causing a number of asthma attacks.


I was actually being watched for extremely high blood pressure at the first of my pregnancy which magically went away once I left. Needless to say, it was a hostile work environment.

Now I am concerned with how to handle that if they ask. I know you aren’t supposed to complain/criticize a former employer during an interview, but I don’t know how else to handle why I don’t have them down as a reference.

I don’t know, I am probably stressing about nothing, but I haven’t done an interview in so long and have been coasting at my current job, I am just getting nervous about working out in the real world.

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