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Job interview--think good thoughts in my general direction

I’m interviewing today for the job I’ve been temping at for the last six weeks or so. I just finished the editing and writing tests, and I think I did decently, though of course five minutes after I finished I realized a mistake I made. Sigh.

I have an interview with my direct supervisor and the head of the department at 2, and then a panel of directors from various departments at 3:30. I’m usually pretty good in interviews, but argh. Realizing the mistake I made shook my confidence a bit. Apparently the editing test is about 95% of the decision, though, so it really comes down to how well I did on that (the mistake was on the writing test, thankfully). At least it’s done.

I’m going to be in dire straights if I don’t get this job—I don’t have much unemployment left and no other current prospects—so please send me all your “Do awesome and get hired” vibes.

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