Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Wish me luck!!!! It's for a part time position at my library (system). There's better pay and more hours and it's close by!

But most importantly, I love working here. I love the customers, I love my coworkers, and I love the fact that I'm at the hub of a vast wheel that encompasses knowledge and community service and empowerment because knowledge is power and we grant people from all paths of life access to this. We're a library that places great value in self directed education, and therefore we spend money on tools that allow people to do that. Self direct their education. We've got a free language learning program. We've got summer classes for children about robotics and how to program and game creation and genetics. We've got a homework club that meets every weekday where the children's staff sits and patiently helps with homework. There's ESOL clubs and book clubs and a weekly movie night with free sodas and popcorn. There's storytimes and The Science Of Bubbles classes and in the winter, near the holidays, one of the children's librarians has a Build Your Own Gingerbread House whose registration period is so quickly filled up.


I don't drive, because I am a kitty. So when I wait for a ride home, I hang in the children's department and am generally helpful. I put together the new cabinets for the new kids's staff. I spent two hours painstakingly turning stacks of children's bookmarks into strings for display. I recommend books for the lady who's in charge of Fiction and the book clubs. I'm helpful. If I get this job, I can be more effective at being helpful, while also being paid what I'm worth.

God, I want this.

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