I found a few more job listings that seem ideal for GT-ers and Kinja relatives. Also, a Doctor Who and a Downton Abbey writing job. I know that there are smart savvy writers who are knowledgeable in these areas. About.com (no, I don’t work for the. I just look for a lot of freelance writing jobs) could have a job for you.

Comic Books & Superhero Movies:

Transgender Life:

The purpose of the transgender life site is to provide information and support for people who are questioning their gender identity or who may be altering their bodies surgically and/or hormonally. Content should include information about transitioning genders, sexual orientation, dating, coming out, and other frequently asked questions. This site should also address health and political issues facing that group. The secondary audience for this site are people who are friends, family, and/or allies of transgender individuals who are seeking more information about this group.

Downton Abbey:

Using excellent writing skills and a passion for all things Downton Abbey, the guide will write articles and online content for a site providing information to worldwide audience. The freelancer works from home on a flexible and part-time schedule.


Doctor Who:

Avid Doctor Who viewer with great writing skills wanted for a part-time job that will work a flexible schedule. From your US based home-office you will write engaging articles about everything Doctor Who. Freelance job.

Check it out: