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So I had an interesting development this morning. A while back I was covering the PA to COO role on top of my job as PA to some Partners. I quite enjoyed the work but it was a lot doing two jobs at once. This morning, the COO told me that the temp she has currently doing the role is not up to scratch and asked if I would like the job.

My current role is very quiet so I’ve taken on extra responsibilities to fill some of my time. It’s still not enough. I prefer to be busy to make the time go quickly and this role would be very busy. I also however feel that I’ve gotten lazy in my current role and am worried that this could carry over into the new busier role and get me into trouble. Would the new role get me out of this funk?

I’m tempted to take it. It’s a busier role and I’d get a big paybump which I need as I’m saving to buy a flat. However there are a few things:

COO is very demanding. When she wants something, she wants it now. If she wants several things, she wants all of them now. Will I be able to keep up?


I have these extra responsibilities at the moment and I don’t know if I’ll have to keep doing them as well as the new role. I oversee the client due diligence, I do the market updates on a Monday and I keep track of everyone’s timelogs. Will I be able to get rid of some or all of these things? Can I convince her that it’s too much with those too and that the person taking on my role will be bored without them?

Please let me know your thoughts - should I do this? It’s a lot of responsibility and a very busy role. But more money and potentially more job satisfaction?

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