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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Job offer--update

So I just got my official salary offer, and it was WAY more than I expected, especially considering the seriously lousy temp rate. Quite a bit above average for my position in my area (I have 15 years of experience, so I’m sure they factored that in), and very nearly what I was making at my last job, which I did not remotely expect to get as a full-time employee. I probably could have negotiated them up a little if I tried, but it was such a good offer I just didn’t feel the need. And that’s not even counting the excellent benefits.

Sadly, I have to finish out my contract at the lousy rate before they convert me, so I won’t start as an official employee until January and I won’t get paid for any of the holidays. But that’s pretty minor in the scheme of things.


So. Yay good job! Yay good salary and benefits! Yay in general! (Boo to the commute, but I’m just going to have to move.)

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