I start my new job tomorrow and i have a very important question.

I have to bring in 2 forms of ID. What i would usually think to bring in is my driver's license, birth certificate or social security card.

Well, i can't find my birth certificate or social security card anywhere. Whatever "super hidden special place" i put them in.... hid them really good from myself. Fibromyalgia does terrible foggy things to my memory.

So what i need to know is.. what other forms of ID could i bring?

I have a health insurance card, a car insurance card and a utility bill with my name on it. Would any of these work?


Or do i have to travel to my hometown to get a new birth certificate? It's far.

Ahhh what should i do?? Please help me wise Groupthinkers


You Guise!!!!!!!!!! I went crazy and started tearing things apart in the apartment to try to find anything i could possibly use. I opened apples to apples among other board games, then i ripped open the lid of our dominoes game... there was my tattered birth certificate and social security card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This time i'm going to put them somewhere out in the open where i can't misplace them!! I can't believe Suh from 2 years ago put important documents in a dominoes game. Wtf