My boss made me feel like absolute crap today. Remember this post?

Today i had to sign this paper that said if i call in sick again i will get fired, if i'm late i will get fired, if a higher-up complains about me i will get fired, and if i complain about the schedule (literally everyone at work complains about the schedule) i will get fired. I basically can't do one tiny thing wrong or i will be gone. I know i called off a lot last year, 7 times and we only get 6 sick days. Well i had to be hospitalized a lot for severe migraines and my fibromyalgia sure wasn't helping. I also had a fucking kidney infection a few months ago. I know i'm not a model employee but i do a really goddamn good job at my job. I'm so mad, mad at my boss, mad at myself, mad at my stupid shitty health. The only thing that i have to look forward to is my friend possibly getting me a job as a server at a restaurant. The only problem is that i'm not sure i will be good at being a server. I'm not super good at faking nice, if someone is a dick to me it's going to show through my face/tone. I don't smile a whole lot either. Sometimes i wonder if i'll ever be able to get a job i truly love and enjoy. But i doubt that i'll ever be able to do graphic design, maybe some day.

Sorry for the job rant, i should just be lucky that i have a job. Even if it's literally the worst job of all time, it is better than nothing. /: