I really just need to be reassured that I will either a) Not be fired or b) Will be okay even if I am fired.

This is going to be hard to explain without too much detail on what I do, but I'm going to try. I've written before about my work stuff (went from a department of three to a department of me, stayed that way for almost a year). We hired a girl about 3 months ago. She's nice but she's really young and has absolutely no experience in the field. I say she's young primarily because it's been a constant battle for me to explain professionalism to her - like no, you probably don't want to write our reports in hot pink font, or it's generally best not to have a big meeting with our company president wearing a mini skirt. Side note: I feel like an old fuddy duddy about her clothes, and maybe I am, and maybe I'm not being a good feminist for being bothered by her constant mini skirts and sleeveless tops, but it makes me uncomfortable to talk to her when I can see practically up her skirt. I say she has no experience because she's never done this work before and she has only a similar-ish degree (the job is technical writing and her degree is basically creative writing).

Anyways, for the past three months, she has basically been working on the exact same type of reports, they all use the same format and have a lot of similar information. I quickly check them before they go out. Right now I am so busy working on my own reports, along with trying to check hers, that I'm just stressed. So we had a report due today and while it was the same type of report, there were some pretty major differences. I didn't check it well enough and there were some major errors in it that our second round checker (the person who checks my work) found. I had to rush to fix the problems.

Ultimately, we missed the deadline on getting the report turned in. This is really bad. I know that this is considered my fault. This is the first time we've missed a deadline in the 2.5 years I've worked here. My coworker is having her first appraisal soon and I have been asked to come up with suggestions on what she will need to work on. This situation (though my fault in the end) is definitely a learning moment. This report was very different from the others, but used the same format. She has essentially stopped looking for how things are different and only looks for what things are similar - this is how major sections got left out in the first place because she hadn't seen anything like that before and just assumed we didn't need to include it. I felt that discussing how even projects that are similar need to have an eye to detail to ensure that we don't miss things was an important lesson. So I told our boss. Thing is, our boss doesn't really know much about the day to day of our reports but rather is the person that is administratively in charge of us. Our boss's boss is the one that knows the day to day and really kind of gives us our assignments. So I told my boss in the morning about the issue and what it meant and how we need to fix it, and then this afternoon my boss's boss comes to me rather cryptically to tell me that when we have mistakes and miss deadlines that we need to not talk to them outside of the department. My boss is the only person I told, and frankly, she needed to know in my opinion.

So now I'm freaking out about not only screwing up and not checking my coworkers reports more closely and ultimately missing the deadline, but also that I told someone I wasn't supposed to. I'm nerve wracked! I almost miss when it was just me because it took so much less time to do everything when I could count on myself to do it. As it is I have 6 more reports from my coworker that I have to check. She cranks them out so quickly and I can't keep up. And I basically feel like she's just slapping them together at this point and expecting me to fix them (it would almost be faster for me to start from scratch to do them). There is very little accountability for her to do it right because I'm expected to fix anything, so I don't know that she really even cares to do more than slap something together. I don't want to tattle on her, I just want her to do her shit so we don't miss more deadlines for me to get in trouble over.


I've been a super good employee for my time here and this is the first time anything like this has happened. It sucks that I'm the one that's going to take the flack for it, so I'm just really hoping I don't get canned over it. Frankly, I don't know how they would handle it if I did get fired since my coworker doesn't seem to know the job very well. Happy feels from my internet friends?