I graduated with a Master's degree in English Lit. last May. I've applied for many, many admin assistant-type jobs, publishing jobs, retail jobs. I have yet to get an interview.

I'm really worried that my spotty job history (I've never had a job for longer than a year, other than T.A. and my current research assistant position, and I have some gaps from travel and depression) is too big a hurdle to overcome. I'm 33; I should have some longer jobs. I think my cover letters are good, and I've been adjusting them as I go and learn more (thanks, Ask A Manager!).

I'm just not sure what to do any more. I can't afford to take any practical courses right now (the kind that would give me official recognition for administrative skills that I know I can handle because I'm smart and capable). I want to move back to Alberta, but I can't afford to move.

I'm also worried that I've ruined my R.A. reference (the prof I'm working for now) because I haven't been in touch since before Christmas (mostly due to my stupid, stupid anxiety, and the fact that she's really easy-going and doesn't get on my case). I need to get in touch with her and see where we're at - I might have a few more hours of work there. I really need a reliable, long-term job though.

I can't apply for EI because I don't have enough work history since I graduated. My parents have been helping me out, and they won't let me be homeless and/or starving, but I feel so, so shitty asking them for money.

Today it struck me again because I saw that a job that I really, really wanted has re-posted the listing, and I'm not sure why. I can't believe they didn't get anyone good enough to apply, and I thought my application was very strong. I guess I should apply again?