My in-laws have become friendly with someone who works in my field and is in the position to hire people like me from time to time. They did an email introduction a while back and he responded saying I should send him my CV in case he is hiring in the future, which I did. Then they set up a dinner and invited me so we could meet, but unfortunately I had the flu and couldn't drag myself out of bed. (I figure infecting someone isn't the best way to make a good first impression, anyway.) Now my husband tells me that apparently at this dinner they repeated a complaint I had made about my previous job that would totally be applicable to working at his institution. Why?! Why would they do that? I mean, obviously I wouldn't complain about a previous job to a casual acquaintance or a potential employer. But I thought complaining within the family was ok. Why would they bother trying to connect us if they were just going to sabotage it?

I know I shouldn't be too bothered because it's not like I would have had a foot in the door without them, so I'm not any worse off than I was before. (Not to mention that my complaint was valid and I don't think I'd be a good fit for the culture at his place anyway.) But, having been out of work for the past couple of years, I kind of need to follow up on every lead and put my best foot forward with everyone, you know?