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It seems like lots of us are job searching right now...maybe someone can offer advice about this scenario?

I’m applying for a job at a large company which has an online application system. I assume the applications go to HR and they forward the good ones on to the individual departments that are hiring. Is it inappropriate to send an email (a few sentences) to the person I would be reporting to (if I get the job), conveying that I am excited about the job and that I hope she’ll consider my application? My background is a little unorthodox (mainly because I have an advanced degree and the job calls for a BA) and someone suggested that I do this to get noticed. But would it make a bad impression since I would be going outside of the official channels? This is a rare job where my degree is actually sort of related to the job and my teaching experience could be seen as a positive (stuff I will explain in my cover letter) so I really want to do whatever I can to get considered.


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