Update for anyone who cares:

The teacher I was supposed to replace was fired yesterday and I was offered a full time job today. She didn't show up to work on Tuesday or Thursday, and she's done it multiple times before. She had "family issues" that she needed to deal with, but she should have at least been able to call and say she couldn't come in that day, instead of just waiting for someone to call and ask.

I got called in to sub on Thursday and then asked via text message if I could also work today. I had no idea if this was just to sub again or if this was about to become a full time job for me. The boss said nothing to me, but I guess told the Ed. Director what was going she was planning. I'm glad to be done looking for work again.

A week ago, I had an interview that I didn't think went so well. To my surprise they offered me a job and asked me to come back for a second interview that consisted of being in the classroom with the children for a morning. It was basically just to make sure I mesh well with the children and to fill out employment paperwork. I spent 4 hours at the school on the disgusting snowy Thursday last week. I was supposed to go in again tomorrow morning to do it again, as there were only 3 kids in my room on Thursday.

Two hours ago, less than 12 hours before I was supposed to be there, I got an email informing me that the teacher I was set to replace was no longer leaving. She had put her notice in, they basically hired me, and then she decided not to leave. Fuck you boss for letting her pull that shit on you. She gave her notice, you hired someone else, tell her to go find a new job.


Now I'm back to filling out applications everywhere and hoping that it won't be September before I have a job again. I need to find out my GPAs for my AS and BA before I can move onto the next step of the public school application, and I'm not sure if I can do it online for my BA. This sucks.