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Job search stress

I'm going crazy waiting to hear back about a job I interviewed for last week.

They told me the day after the interview that they had narrowed the search down to two candidates - myself and another person - and they would be checking references and get back in touch next week. That was last Thursday. One of my references emailed me on Tuesday this week to say that she spoke with the employer and had the strong sense that the reference check was more of a formality and I'd probably be offered the job. As of Wednesday, I met for an (unrelated) meeting with a different reference and she said she'd spoken to them that afternoon and it went really well. Now it's Friday and I've heard nothing - not even an email to let me know the position's been filled. I am starting to get really stressed out. I thought I had a really good chance, but it's weird that I haven't heard back yet, right?


Ugh, this is worse than waiting for some guy you're dating to text you back.

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