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Job Search: The Ongoing Silence

When you apply for a job, is the result a black hole of silence and despair ?

I've sent out a ton of resumes and cover letters for science writing jobs and teaching jobs. Some of them are super specialized and not too many writers have coding and journalism and teaching backgrounds.

They don't even acknowledge that they've received the application, let alone tell me they've hired someone else.


Northeastern required a ton of application material and specifically said that if you got it in by Nov. 15, they would personally respond. Nope. MIT. Nope. NPR. Nope. LA Times. Nope.

Just.. nothing. At least send a fucking form letter. A nice rejection letter would be lovely. Something. I just want to call them up and yell at them for being rude.

UPDATE: Well, I got a rejection letter from a fellowship - after they called all my references and got me all excited. But at least it wasn't silence. I guess. AAAARRRGH.

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