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Job search update

So far, no new job. A lot of places have said that they're waiting til January,so I think at this point I'm just gonna wait to call anyone about my application until I get back from visiting my family. I'm kind of upset about it, because I'm gonna be pretty fucked money wise for the next month, because as soon as school is out, the Subway I work at starts closing early, and basically nobody works except the manager. So starting in about a week and a half I'm gonna have no hours. I already only had 4 hours this week, which I'm super pissed about because I specifically didn't go home for Thanksgiving so I could work, and I told them that. My parents will usually pay my bus tickets, so the only thing I had to worry about was not having hours if I went home, but I didn't have any fucking hours anyway. Hopefully somebody hires me when I get back though. There's a week between when finals are over and when I go home, so I guess it'll be nice to be lazy for a week, but I would like to be able to pay for shit. Luckily my bf pays my rent until financial aid comes in, but I still have to worry about the cable and my phone bill, and I already owe him a ton of money.


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