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Job Search Update: Probably the Final Chapter

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I know I got my hopes up too high. It's been close to three weeks now. I followed up with the job at the two week mark, and I even e-mailed the Twitter team that runs the "careers" page that said that they loved my application and nobody has responded to me.


So... I suppose that's it. I'm trying to remember it was just one job and that there are other opportunities out there, but it would've been perfect and I don't understand how my application failed to get me even a first interview/phone interview.


I've had a lot of people look it over and they think it's great. And it's an entry-level position for which I have, technically, about 9 years' experience all told. So... what the hell?

I'm just feeling really down about it.

I could use some hugs/gifs, if anyone has some to spare.


A couple of things I found really odd, though — they re-posted the job twice in the last three weeks on different job hunt sites. And they also seem to be hiring a whole new "department" — web writer, content creator, web editor and a manager for that team. Is it possible that this is just resume farming for when they have approval to create these roles?

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