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Job Shadowing/Trial Run?

First of all, I have been kind of scarce around these parts the last week or two because first I was in Portland visiting my family for 5 days, and then I had 3 job interviews lined up for the two week days I was back in Seattle last week and then I had to work all weekend. So it’s been madness and I’ve missed you all terribly.

On to my question. So I interviewed for a job on Friday, and they’ve offered me a week trial run (paid, starting tomorrow) in which I will be trained for the position and we both get to check each other out and see if we want to continue with a full time hire (with a raise from my current wage, and benefits after 90 days). Has anyone done anything like this before? I have not, so I have no idea what to expect/what to do differently than if I was showing up for my first day of work? Should I do anything differently? I definitely want the job, so I’m absolutely trying to impress them and be the best option available. Tips? Questions? Concerns? Happy puppy gifs to ease my anxiety?

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