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Job stuff. Is this a good idea?

My main job is at a library at a college. I work in the archives and I'm a supervisor at what used to be a resource center but is now this relatively cool brand new space for the college. It's still a resource center but it has a lot of technology and stuff.

Unfortunately, I really am getting no usable experience at the resource center. It will look good on my resume but laminating things and handing out scissors isn't exactly going to help me in the long run. I was hired at the same time as people who were hired as supervisors at the library and I'm somewhat frustrated and confused why I was put here and not at the library. I'm telling myself that it's because it's a new building and they wanted good people for it? :( The other frustrating piece is out of the 4 people hired for this space, only two (myself included) have our MLIS and several of the people at the library are still in school! I'm hope I'm not being a dick to be frustrated at this fact. I just feel like, what the fuck was that work for?


I know that one of the supervisors was just promoted to a full time position. I've already asked about being trained for subbing for the library when people are out. The woman at the library said that she'd get back to me but that was right before someone surprised everyone by leaving (her position is the one that the supervisor was promoted to) so I think my request got lost in that stuff. Would it be weird or rude to poke them about it again? Any perhaps ask if they are looking for a new supervisor if I could be considered?

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