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Job Talk

New job seems great. Smart coworkers, nice boss, good pay. I love my company, and I am grateful for a chance to learn new stuff in a new role..but I am not very focused. I feel like I am getting off to a slow start, and I hope they aren’t disapointed. I want to do well, I am just not super focused. I have a lot on my mind. In past times, like when my wife had a psychotic break, I was pretty open with my former boss. I came to regret as I realized he had boundry issues and was sort of nosey about people’s personal drama. This time, I am not doing that even though I was tempted to explain my family situation and it’s affect on my focus. Tips for just forcing yourself to focus? I usually have a ton of internal discipline. I am taking a long weekend, but the focus is packing for a mid-september move.

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