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Job talk-- when you haven't worked in two years

Long story short, my kid is in kindergarten now and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for two years. Before that, I worked as a kennel/vet tech for four years, but it was my only job that wasn’t restaurant work. Now that my kid is in school, I am taking classes to finish my undergrad. I’m also thinking about applying for a job at a local dog grooming business. I think that with my past animal experience, I have a chance and it’s a job that would make me really happy! My question is: since I’ve only had one job with animal experience and it was two years ago, should I even write up a resume? I’m thinking yes, but it would be like, really short..

ETA: I’m assuming job history will be included on the application.

Also, I’m nervous!

Any other advice is also welcome.


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