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Thanks so much to everyone who gave me advice when I posted about my current job dilemma.

I met with my direct supervisor at the client that hooked me up with this job because they couldn't afford to hire me, after she asked to talk confidentially about my experience with my company (TL;DR: I'm fucking miserable). Anyway, turns out they're hiring people to do the work my company is currently doing for them, and she asked me to think about whether I'd be interested in one of the jobs. They're still putting together the job description, but she said she'd share it with me as soon as it's ready.


So, um... this is good, right? I'm basically at my current company because it was the only way to work for this client. I just hate to get my hopes up, because I'm at my wits' end right now and dying for an out.

Feel free to advise, commiserate, or hijack with any of your job/job hunt rants and raves.

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