Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It is officially month 3 of this process. My fourth interview was this past Friday- she said I should hear from HR on Nonday or Tuesday . Aaaaaand no call. The last time I was told to expect a call on a Monday they called Tuesday the following week. But a couple hours after the interview the HR rep called to ask if I was able to consider a full time position that just opened? I am not able to do full time yet and told her (again). This process is just taking forever, but it's a great company to work for so I hope I get in.

It's just so strange to even be applying and interviewing after being with my previous company (with awesome pay and benefits ) for sooooo long. Oh well, things change and life goes on, I just hope I geta call soon- and the job!!


*fingers crossed*


Womp womp. Turns out they asked if I could do full time because the PT position I applied for turned into a FT one. So..... No job that I was excited about happening.

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