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Further to the post the other day (women don't apply for jobs unless they meet the full spec) I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Potted history - worked my way up to Beloved Job. Various reasons, moved sideways to Pretty Good Job. Got sick, was unable to do Pretty Good Job. Adapted, survived, now have Roof Over Head Job (at least for this year). I don't yet know if I can physically function at Beloved Job / Pretty Good Job levels.


I have applied to Mostly Relevant Job x2 (I have a very specific set of skills :p ) and am waiting to hear back.

I have now seen a vacancy for Beloved Job II. I think I'm close enough to the spec to blag. BUT I haven't done this stuff for a couple of years now, and a lot of the higher level stuff is a few years older. Do I make the gamble?


Roof Over Head Job is "safe" in terms of being close to family for support, being in my home area (does anyone else get this? Not the area where you grew up but just a part of the country where you feel right), being part-time.

Beloved Job II is paid the same as Pretty Good Job which is on the breadline for renting a home in that location :/ It is also.... *drumroll* in the South.


Lend me your wisdom / tough love / anecdata?

Thank you!

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