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Welcome To The Bitchery

I was just feeling irritated at Kotaku after reading this article, where the top comment with plenty of upvotes begins with:

Oh yay, it's today's mandatory article about men being assholes in every form of media and women being victims in everything.


And then I went and read this article on Deadspin where the comments are full of things like this:

Cut him Ozzie. I don't care about the cap hit. I don't care about the dead money. I just want Ray Rice off my team.

I really hope Roger Goodell never saw this video because if he did and thought, "Two games? Yeah, two games." Jesus Christ.

Lets not forget everyone, this is only half as bad as smoking weed.

Deadspin commenters always seem consistently awesome to me. I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm surprised. Having hung out with nerds for so long, I think I absorbed the prevalent idea in nerd culture that people into sports are regressive meatheads who treat women badly.


I definitely realized a long time ago that nerd culture is extremely hostile towards women. A lot of nerds clutch onto that "nice guy" identity and think of themselves as so much better for girls than the bro-y jock assholes we apparently go for. At the same time, they're making rape jokes while gaming, complaining about fake geek girls, and debating in earnest whether women are inherently worse at STEM fields than men (all things I've heard/experienced).

But I've never really realized the flip side of the coin, which is that the guys in sports culture seem to be way more sensitive and respectful towards women than I always assumed from nerd culture, and, hell, the way they're depicted in pop culture. Always interesting to realize what stereotypes I have that I don't even realize, and apologies to sports fans out there for carrying this particular one for so long.

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