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Joe Lieberman As FBI Director Hell No!

He is Trump’s top pick.

He is the only democrat that ever made me want to leave the party and go Socialist. I hated it when Gore picked him. If it would have been McCain and Gore running in 2000 I am not sure if Lieberman would have sent me to McCain. My hatred for him came to full fruition in 2009.

I will never forgive him for what he did to President Obama and the ACA. Medicare and much of ACA would have been very secure and very popular with this one provision that he KILLED. A buy in at age 55 for Medicare.


ACA would have been far more popular years ago with it and extracting now would have come with a heavy price.

He also has a bee in his bonnet about videogames. He beliefs are straight from Ted Bundy’s “porn makes you a killer” mentality. Except its with videogames. Oh the assinine videogame rating system blame that on Lieberman. This was early 90s and my hatred for him began.

God Ivanka or Jared would make a better choice at least they do not know the system well enough to cause large damage Lieberman does and ten years damage could be long lasting.


Bannon and Dick Cheney would be worse choices but Lieberman is close.

The second link is his war on videogames.

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