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Welcome To The Bitchery

Jogging With Your Shirt Off

It’s a dude thing, unless you want to count ladies in sports bras. I’m surprised by how often I see them out there with the unworn shirt balled up in one hand, so I assume they left the house with it on. I like to imagine their moms catching them on their way out the door, like “Larry, put your dang shirt on!” and they take it off later like “Heh heh, I do what I want.”

The weather’s nice enough again for this thing to be back in effect, and my reaction is pretty much always “Dude, put your shirt back on.” Like, c’mon. They’re out there running around and shit, so they’re in pretty good shape, but not THAT good. Except for this one guy I saw last week, like “Damn, Tarzan in the house.” When you’re shredded like that, maybe shirts are just optional. Slacks and a belt, and you’re good for the office.


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