I used to always watch The McLaughlin Group from High School in the 80s through the 90s. Not sure why I stopped.

I spent many, many Friday evenings at 7:30 watching this show in High School and College.

Yet thinking back three of the biggest folk on the show died. Jack Germand, Robert Novak and now McLaughlin. Germand was ornery but very likable. Novak ok he was the Prince of Darkness I did agree with him on our Israeli Policy (he believed we were too close and allowed Israeli needs to dictate our policy) and he was against Iraq War. Other then that. Ugh. Toxic personality.

I did love Eleanor Clift, Novak would dismiss her arguments a lot and Pat Buchanan was well being Pat, a born jerk to be nice. Yet she stuck with it for decades fighting back with great arguments and retorts and has incredible grace. Sadly she too is getting up there in years at age 76. Even Fred.Barnes whom McLaughlin treated like a kid, jokingly is 73.


I liked how John McLaughlin had his show like a classroom with select students. If one was wrong he was not shy saying it. He did not let bs go by him.

Yes he was a republican but I will miss him. I wish I had stayed with the show. I just feel with his passing an end of a time in my life ended too.


God I even miss The Prince of Darkness. Although Novak was a lot smarter and better researched then most republican pundits today, maybe because he considered himself a reporter first.

Bios of John, Eleanor etc. http://www.mclaughlin.com/thegroup.htm

Does anyone else miss him or opinions of his show or him?

The picture is the only one I could find with McLaughlin, Germand and Clift in the picture. The others are Buchanan, to the upper left of Pat is Morton Kondracke and above him I believe is Mort Zuckerman. Germond is the baldish guy.


Update: Maybe I also miss John because he represented a time where one could disagree with opposite party members without it turning into dislike and hate. Each side had a world view and a good argument but it did not lead to hatred or personal.