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On yesterday's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver picked apart how ridiculously anachronistic and sexist this event is, and some of the absurdities contestants have to go through to win it. And worse still, it calls itself the largest provider of scholarships for women, which shockingly appears to be true despite their exaggerations, surpassing other meaningful scholarships just for women — just giving one more example of how women are valued more for appearance than anything else. The video is available on YouTube for those who want to watch:

Note that the video might not be available in countries where it hasn't aired yet.


The comments section on the video had some enlightening tidbits like this article from Forbes that makes the case why scholarships just for women might be necessary. But it also had plenty of mansplaining ignorance, like the Libertarian Atheist Otaku Gamer™ who invariably chimed in with "Why do we need an exclusive female scholarship anyway? Wouldn't it be truly equal to just have scholarships that focus on merit or at least ya know.. ignore race and gender completely, not preferencing white people or minorities." Apparently ignoring a problem makes it go away. Brilliant. Oh, YouTube comments section, you never fail to amuse me.

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